Our Mission

The mission of CASA Monroe is to promote and support court-appointed volunteer advocacy to represent the best interest of children who find themselves in the court system because of abuse or neglect. We recognize that the welfare of all children should be a priority. The goal of CASA volunteers is to gather critical and objective information to be used by the court in deciding the most beneficial placement of such a child, aiming for a safe and permanent home in which they can grow and thrive.

Some Quotes from Our Advocates


We find time to do the things we love. We find time to watch television, we find time to talk on the phone, we find time to get onto Facebook. We can find some time in our day to devote to these children, who need us so desperately.


We live in a world where there is so much pain and disappointment for so many children, none of which they deserve. CASA advocacy makes a real difference in these young, innocent lives.

CASA advocacy is hard work, is serious work, and sometimes is frustrating
work. When a child’s life is made warmer, healthier, safer and more loving, all
the hard work is worth it.


Becoming a CASA has enabled me to participate in resolving problems that I knew existed but had never personally experienced. The plight of abused and neglected children gave me a purpose. I have many years’ worth of life experiences that I can put to use. I have learned to research, to network with other people and agencies, to use and share resources and even to mediate in order to accomplish our goal.

CASA Monroe volunteer advocates are 21 years or older, complete 30 hours of training based on National CASA curriculum, pass a criminal background check, sign an oath of confidentiality, and commit to 18 months of service. The volunteer hours typically are 10 hours a month.