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More than 20,000 children in Tennessee are in need each year.

We professionally train and carefully screen volunteers to become Court Appointed Special Advocates in juvenile court for children who have been abused and neglected. These volunteers advocate for the best interests of the child with the goal of securing a safe, permanent home. Tennessee state law allows for judges to appoint CASA volunteers to “speak up” for the child’s best interests. Most CASA volunteers advocate for only one child, or family of children, at a time. In fiscal year 2018, CASA programs across Tennessee served 5,311 children with 1,469 volunteers.


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Why Become An Advocate?

No prior experience Needed

No prior experience is expected or necessary to become a volunteer. All of the tools one needs to be a successful advocate will be given to them through the CASA volunteer training program.

Becoming part of the community

Becoming a CASA advocate means entering into a community of knowledgeable and empowered volunteers who will support and encourage you at all times.

Life-changing for you and the child

CASA volunteering is different. Every CASA case will be challenging, but you will be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible in changing the course of a child’s life.

No other volunteer experience is as potentially life-changing for you and a child, than being a CASA volunteer.

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